Let me tell you our story…

The history of the brand ‘bynamesakke’ officially begins in 2008. The production of the first collection of cotton t-shirts and scarves begins. An online store is also created. But here what counts is a different story... a story about people. bynamesakke is above all two people who, with passion, created the first basic niche market brand in Poland.

part 1 / Izabela & Robert

They have come from Canada to Poland in 2006. Iza is a art director from DGC film industry, Robert is selling his share of a recycling company. They are together and are looking for their own new story in their lives. They have passion and an idea slowly comes to their minds. The concept arises from a practical need: after returning to Poland, they cannot find good quality, simple, ‘basic’ type clothes. Western chains lead the way in Warsaw and not many people know about the existence of a ‘basic’ in which simplicity and quality are put at the forefront. Polish designers do not yet create ‘streetwear’ collections, they only focus on evening dresses. That's why Iza decides to make the perfect t-shirt herself, which turns out to be a challenge. The arduous, many months of searching for the best cotton begins. Finally success. Iza designs the first t-shirts that meet her high expectations. This is how the first original ‘basics’ brand is created on the Polish market.

part 2 / Unnamed brand name

From the beginning, the assumption is that the brand name is not a specific name. This is a difficult task, that's why Iza and Robert ask for help from the U.K. branding group, which gives them nearly 500 proposals. How to choose the perfect one? They hang cards with suggestions on the ceiling, stare at them, search... namesakke !. The only symbolism is the double letter "k" - from their names. They discover that this complicated name is just perfect for simple basic clothing. For Iza and Robert, the logo and name do not matter, only the people and their stories. Fashion? It's not just clothes, but also how you feel in them and the story they tell hence ‘by’ in namesakke.

part 3 / Philosophy and History

In 2008, no one talks loudly about environmental impact fashion has. Today, being eco is a requirement of the times. bynamesakke has been an environmentally friendly brand from the very beginning. We knows that apart from fashion, much more counts and we want to have the most positive impact on the world. We packs our first scarves in cotton pouches, and one tag is sewn in with natural material. The evolution continues. We are changing to biodegradable packaging and labels are made of cotton tape. The brand focuses on recycling, does not use natural fur and avoids leather products.

After 2008:

- in 2010 sales to boutiques start in Poland, France,

The Netherlands, Greece and Denmark

- in 2012 we open our shop in Złote Tarasy, thus

being the first niche brand present in the commercial shopping mall.

- in 2017 we move to a new location

Mysią 3, where it is today

It started with just one cotton T-shirt, and today bynamesakke is a whole wardrobe: from sweaters to well-cut jackets or coats made of high quality wool. "Capsule collections" in which things go together and can be combined with each other regardless of season which is bynamesakke brand main idea.

In addition to cotton, there are other fabrics and materials of highest quality, such as cashmere, alpaca, tencel. Of course, you'll never run out of perfect cotton T-shirts, which invariably remain inscribed in the brand's philosophy.

part 4 / #make your own story in life

What counts are people and... quality of life. A person who wears bynamesakke clothes does not have to be familiar with trends, because the brand does not impose them. We want clients to create their own image and thus tell their own story. Hence the "by" in front of the brand name, because a story can also be told through clothes ...


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