We feel responsible!


Our mission

... is unchanged since 2008, i.e. from the very beginning of the brand: we want to make high-quality Basic type fashion that is timeless. At the same time, we take care of ethical production processes at every stage and choose environmentally friendly solutions. Sustainable development is our philosophy. We do everything in our power not to contribute to the problem of excess waste and devastation of our planet.

How do we do it in practice?

We manufacture in Poland

Thus, we support our economy, especially small, local companies.

We work with an ecological dyeing house.

Our dyeing house, using pro-environmental solutions, has combined many years of expert experience with innovative technology and chemical products with GOTS certificates, thus consciously contributing to a significant reduction in water consumption and reduction of electricity and heat consumption.

Due to the cooperation with our dyeing house, we also dye denim only ecologically.

We consciously choose materials

Our high-quality cotton is made to individual order and has a Fair Trade certificate. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the company that produces it is not subject to the risk of ill-treatment of its employees.

A significant part of the collection has been sewn from biodegradable tencel for many years.

We have never used natural fur and this will not change.

We pack responsibly

We use paper packaging and biodegradable foil packaging made of starch-based resin. Larger orders are packaged in cartons.

We think about what to do next

We keep on searching for new, ecological solutions, the idea of recycling is particularly close to us. We are already proud of the fact that we sell unsold clothes, we never throw away our products. Soon, in the boutique on Mysia 3 we will implement a new recycling campaign, thanks to which you will be able to work with us for the good of the environment and our planet.

Your choices matter!
It is worth remembering that by spending more on a high-quality t-shirt, but at the same time by buying it in a small, local brand, you support the local European business and do not add another brick to the Fast Fashion trend. Stay with us in the trend of sustainable fashion!


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