Valentine's Day Candles Duo I LOVE US

169,00 zł

Valentine's Day Limited Edition "I LOVE" "US"

A scented candles duo that fills your home with french perfumes.

Top: Raspberries, Rose

Heart: Pomegranate, Creamy Vanilla

Base: Cherry Blossom, Musk

One for you, one for your other half.

Our Candles are hand-made from a blend of natural vegan waxes and poured into a glass vessel in a small polish manufactory, hidden in the picturesque Polish countryside. 

Each candle has a unique scent composed by Candly’s creator in cooperation with the finest perfume lab in the mecca of the fragrant world - Grasse. With 20% saturation of transcendent French perfume, our candles are extremely durable and intense - diffusing scent even when a candle is not burning. 

Our candles are created in limited editions - according to the idea that luxury is a product which creation requires time and attention to every detail. 

Enjoy up to 60 hours of burn time. 

Net weight 250g / 8.8oz.

Made in Poland | Hand Poured | Vegetable Wax

CompositionsTop: Raspberries, RoseHeart: Pomegranate, Creamy VanillaBase: Cherry Blossom, Musk
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